The Las Flores Room

After the original adobe structures were combined and used as a home and store for the McVicker Family in the early 1900s, the El Adobe Restaurant opened on July 8th, 1948. The Las Flores Room was added along with our lobby, indoor Balcony and the Santa Margarita Room to create a beautiful dining space that would live on for centuries. The room was named for its view of the El Adobe Garden with its colorful flowers and ancient trees that can be seen through the French style windows that line the walls of the restaurant. It is part of our main dining hall and is located in the lower level on the left side of the restaurant offering a semi-private event space for up to 50 guests. This is a very unique room with steps leading up to the Portola Room and down to El Carcel and exudes historical Spanish inspired art and character.

This room is mostly setup with many different variations of tables and chairs to accommodate regular dining but when it is reserved for a private event, the room is transformed with a combination of long banquet tables, round tables that seat up to 10 guests and a large square table that seats up to 12 that incidentally was built in the room almost 70 years ago. Like the Portola Room, there are a total of 6 pre-determined menus to choose from featuring delicious 4-course meals to help celebrate any event from a business meeting to a small wedding dinner party to a graduation dinner or even a celebration of life. Food is selected at booking, a custom menu is created with the name(s) of the guest(s) of honor and servers have fresh chips, salsa, and guacamole upon arrival. Drink orders are taken and servers bring plated meals out after touching base with each guest to jot down their entrée preferences. Linen selection and extra décor time are provided to personalize your small semi-private event.

Las Flores Room Private Event Menu