Portola Room

 The Portola Room was named after the Portola Riders who in 1963 delivered the Mission Bell to Mission San Juan Capistrano with a horse and carriage followed by 8 riders. El Viaje De Portola, which still takes place annually, is currently made possible by Tony Moiso and Gilbert Aguirre, the Owners of El Adobe. The Portola Room is one of the 2 original Adobe’s built-in 1812 and served as a Justice Court which led down to the Juzgado (jail) that was also built in the same time period and is now called El Carcel. The room adjacent to the Portola Room where El Adobe’s main bar is located was one of the first homes built in San Juan Capistrano in 1797. This home, built by Miguel Yorba, was the beginning of what we now know as Orange County.

The Portola Room accommodates up to 34 guests and can be set up a variety of ways including our most popular setup, a long banquet table with 16 chairs on each side or 4 round tables. There are a total of 5 pre-determined menus to choose from featuring delicious 4-course meals to help celebrate any event from a birthday party to a baby shower to a rehearsal dinner or even an anniversary. Food is selected at booking, a custom menu is created with the name(s) of the guest(s) of honor and servers have fresh chips, salsa, and guacamole upon arrival. Drink orders are taken and servers bring plated meals out after touching base with each guest to jot down their entrée preferences. Linen selection and extra decor time are provided to personalize your small event.

Portola Room Private Event Menu